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Sending Email

What is the correct address?

When sending us E-mail you need to take out the
(Remove This)
part out of the address, so that after the @ sign, all that is left is "". The "webmaster" part before the @ needs to be left there.
So it will be: webmaster, then @, then

Why do we do this?

As you are probably aware, the Internet is full of junk mail and a popular way of filling a database with target e-mail addresses is to use a "bot". This is a little program which automatically visits web pages and records the e-mail addresses located on the page. These addresses are put into a large database, and then junk mail is sent to these addresses. We want to minimise the amount of junk mail we receive, so that we can deal with your legitimate e-mails much quicker and more efficiently.

We hope this does not cause too much confusion.