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Madeleine West as Dione Bliss

Twenty-one year old Dione is an energetic, playful and very attractive young lady. A qualified nurse, she is not one to shy away from the average practical joke. In fact, it was this love of scams and hi-jinks that introduced her to two of Ramsay Streetís favourites. While at a local bar posing as Argentinian soccer players, Toadie and Joel found themselves embroiled in a counter-scam hatched by Dione and one of her friends. Since that time, Joel has been pursuing Dione relentlessly, but seems to have trouble with fidelity. After a rocky on-again, off-again start to their relationship, Dione and Joel seem to have finally surrendered to their attraction and are embarking on the road to a serious relationship.

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Dione is an energetic, playful and very intelligent young lady. A qualified nurse, she takes her work seriously and is kind and attentive with patients. In her free time, Dione becomes a different person and is famed for her terrific sense of humour. Practical jokes are a personal forte - in fact, this is how she met Joel Samuels and Toadie Rebecchi, two of Ramsay Street's all-time practical jokers. At the time, they were posing as Argentinian soccer players and Dione was pretending to be a fashion designer. Fortunately, the rouse was soon abandoned and the trio became firm friends. In Dione and Joel's case, very close friends! However, their relationship remains a struggle and issues of trust and fidelity constantly threaten to tear them apart.

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