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Latest Story Line:

Dr Darcy:

When Dione sprains her ankle, she gets to visit Dr Darcy in Karl's surgery and enjoys all the attention he gives her - although it seems that he is already attached to Alice, his long-term girlfriend. Then again, he seems to be quite cagey about his private life, so why all the mystery? Could Dione tempt him away? Time will tell, but for the moment, Dione doesn't seem to have much of a chance...

Previous Storyline:

The Best of Enemies:

While Joel has his hands full with Felicity, his ex-girlfriend, Dione Bliss, has problems of her own when she moves in with Teresa Bell. Neighbours caught up with the lovely Madeleine West, who plays Dione, and got the low down: Hi Madeleine, before we get into the nitty gritty of the Dione/Tess storyline, whatís the mood between Joel and Dione at the time that she moves into Ramsay Street?

Madeleine: Very tense! Dione desperately wants them to remain friends, but Joel finds the dynamic awkward - especially when Tess, another friend, is brought into the equation. Is there any suggestion that either of them might like to get back together?

Madeleine: Joel seems keen to give it another try, but Dee, who feels certain itís not meant to be, is staunchly refusing to change her mind - even though there is still a definite attraction. Dione and Tess donít exactly hit it off as flatmates, What happens here?

Madeleine: Letís just day these two are ĎThe Odd Couple 2000í. Their attitude to home maintenance is worldís apart, and this causes a certain friction. They have very different ideas about things, and it gets to the point where it looks like their friendship may end over it. We know youíre not allowed to reveal any more storyline information, so weíll leave it at that for now. But finally, are you enjoying your character finally living in the street?

Madeleine: For sure! It allows me to drop in on any of my favourite Neighbours whenever I feel like it!

Previous Storyline:

Is it the end for Joel and Dione?

Thereís no denying that Joel Samuels and Dione Bliss have had their ups and downs since first getting together earlier this year, but in upcoming episodes, their relationship encounters its biggest test ever. The arrival of Dioneís ex-boyfriend, Max Crawford, throws a spanner in the works, especially since it looks as though there are still many unresolved issues between the pair. spoke to Madeleine West, who plays Dione, and asked her to give us a hint of whatís to come... Hi Madeleine. Could you give us a brief recap on the history between Dione and Max?

Madeleine West: Max was Dioneís first proper boyfriend, and they were together for just over a year. They last saw each other two years ago, when Max left Erinsborough to travel abroad. When he comes back, we learn that they never officially broke up - a fact which bothers Joel a great deal, especially because Dione previously told him Max was just a Ďfriendí who she dated briefly for two weeks! Oh, dear. Sounds like a recipe for trouble. Is it a case of Dione trying to have her cake and eat it too?

Madeleine West: Not really. When Max first arrives, Dione has no intention of rekindling things with him, or doing anything behind Joelís back. But there is also a part of her thatís afraid of how she might feel - and also, how Max might feel - so she tries to keep Joel nearby, so they all know where they stand. Why does Dione agree to let Max move in with her, and how does Joel feel?

Madeleine West: Itís supposed to be a temporary thing. Max needs somewhere to stay for a little while, so Dione allows him to sleep at her house. She sees it as nothing more than a friend helping a friend, but needless to say, Joel is unimpressed! Dione finally manages to convince Joel that itís over with Max, but then something happens to suggest itís not. Can you tell us what that is?

Madeleine West: Joel goes away for a couple of weeks. Back in Erinsborough, a night on the town rekindles the spark between Dione and Max and they end up kissing each other goodnight. Thatís all I can tell you at this point, Iím afraid! Thanks Madeleine. We canít wait to find out what happens next!

Old Story Line:

Daddy Dearest

When Dione Bliss encounters an older man with a flirtatious eye, she is just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

But when she discovers the man is Bernie Samuels - the father of her boyfriend Joel - she really begins to worry! While Joel is initially thrilled that his old man is in town, Dione - and viewers - will know better. According to Daniel MacPherson, who plays the handsome Joel, the storyline promises many interesting twists and turns.

"Joel has Bernie up on a pedestal, but it turns out he's the last one to find out what he's really like," Daniel says. "Everyone else can see that he has his faults, but nothing they can say or do make Joel realise it. He just thinks his old man is the best."

Unfortunately, it takes a major disappointment for Joel to realise that his old man is not the hero he believes him to be.

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