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A Slice of Heaven

Neighbours stars Madeleine West, Kym Valentine and Carla Bonner slip on their angel wings and get into the spirit of Christmas.

With their gorgeous looks, glowing complexions and long, beautiful hair, Neighbours stars Madeleine West, Kym Valentine and Carla Bonner appear to be heaven-sent. So, in the spirit of Christmas, TV WEEK decided to go one better and dress them up as a trio of heavenly angels! And as you can see, the end result was nothing short of stunning.

'I adore angels,' says Madeleine, who needed no convincing when it came to trying on the wings. 'I believed in angels when I was little, and I still do, so dressing up as one is a fantasy come true for me.'

Carla found it hard to keep a straight face when she slipped on her costume. She admits that she has too much of a devilish side to her nature to be a real angel.

'Perhaps I could be a cheeky angel!' she laughs. 'I can't be pure and nice. There needs to be one cheeky angel out of the three.'

For Kym, talk of the festive season brings mixed emotions. Like many soap stars, she will spend Christmas in the UK and appear in pantomime. This year, she's playing Cinderella in the town of Reading, near London.

'It might be a white Christmas, which is good and bad,' she says. 'I prefer a summer Christmas, where you eat lots and sweat heaps. My one wish for Christmas is that I could have all my family with me in England, too.'

Family is also uppermost in Madeleine's mind at this special time of the year. 'I have a little brother and sister named Jack and Jane, who are three and six years old, respectively,' she says. 'They are right into Father Christmas, so it's exciting to be around them. All of that rubs off on me.'

Ironically, Madeleine's wish for Christmas Day is exactly what Kym may experience for real - a white Christmas! Meanwhile, Carla has loftier ambitions when it comes to what Santa Claus has hidden in her stocking.

'I'd love a horse stud,' she says. 'Or if that's too much, maybe a horse of my own. I've been wishing for one ever since I was born!'

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